Why Custom Hand-Built?

1. We can custom tune the hub, rim and spoke combination specifically for your ride, and style.

2. Quality rims are made from the toughest materials, so you can trust them to tackle your most epic adventures and races.

3. Quality rims and spokes can significantly reduce rotating weight, which is twice as noticeable as upgrading to lighter parts such as handlebars or seatposts. This leads to a sprightly, nimble feeling.

4. Quality wheels can reduce overall weight anywhere from 1 - 3 lbs, and even more on a fat set, so those hills will be much more manageable.

5. Quality hubs have extra smooth bearings that roll forever.

6. Quality hubs transfer power to the ground extremely quick with freehub engagement that is significantly faster than basic hubs. This is especially nice when crank ratcheting through tight, twisty areas, as well as the normal stop and go pedalling while mountain biking.

7. Because they are durable, gorgeous, and a blast to ride 🤩😎🤪

Spoke & Spoke Nipple info


Sapim Race 2.0 / 1.8 - A perfect blend of strength to weight - Great all purpose spokes.

Sapim D-Light 2.0 / 1.65 - Butted thinner, making them lighter than the Race model. Also a great all-around choice.

Sapim Laser 2.0 / 1.5 - Butted thinner again, making them lighter than D-Light spokes. Excellent spokes for Fat Bike wheels, and for Gravel, XC, and AM riders under 200lbs.

Sapim CX-Ray 2.0 / .9 -2.2 aero bladed - Aero bladed, butted spokes produced from high-tensile stainless steel, which is ideally suited for the rigorous demands of spokes. Amazing all purpose spokes strong enough for all wheels, including aggressive downhill mountain biking.


Sapim Polyax Brass - silver or black - Strong and long lasting, brass spoke nipples will withstand water, salt and mud and are easy to true after years of service.

Sapim Polyax Alloy - silver, black, red, blue, orange, gold, lime, green, purple or light blue - They are not quite as resiliant or durable as brass, however, we use the best alloy spoke nipples available - Sapim Polyax 7075-T6, heat treated for extra strength with a special coating for corrosion resistance and low friction at the spoke interface.