Color choices - black, blue, orange, red, silver & purple

Hope Pro 5 - High End Value 

Building on 30 plus years of manufacturing hubs, the Pro 5's are Hope's quickest, smoothest, toughest, and most versatile model to date.

Note - they definitely decreased the drag. They are almost as drag free as zero-drag Onyx hubs. And they don't have much freehub noise while coasting.

- 6-pawl system with 108 poe

- Six colors

- 6-bolt or centerlock disc

- Quick release, thru-axle, boost and superboost options

- Low to medium freehub noise when coasting

- Standard HG Shimano style alloy freehub, XD driver, XDR driver or MicroSpline - Interchangable

- HG freehub also available in steel

- 135 / 142 Singlespeed hub option

- Centerlock disc hubs weigh 420-440 grams a set

- 6-bolt disc hubs weigh 480-500 grams a set

- One year warranty

- $390 Retail